How to maintain friendships after moving long distance

How to maintain friendships after moving long distance

Mixed emotions are the only thing you can expect for sure. Having an opportunity for a fresh start goes in hand with trying to maintain friendships after moving long distance. And it can be overwhelmed. In the midst of that all, you have to figure out the whole moving process.

How to maintain friendships after moving long distance

This one is a real deal. Being away from loved ones always left us with scars. If you are about to move to another location, but close to your previous home, you won’t think of this. But it is completely different to move somewhere far away.

Moving long distance

A long-distance move is tricky on so many levels. It asks for an awesome organization. You will have to process a lot. One thing is sure, accept every help offered. Or even better, try to find all the ways to delegate and to ask for the things you need. The first you should cross from your list is a moving company you want to hire. Call them today and choose those who give you the best quote and conditions.

Go local

Partnering up with movers is a good choice. Find locals, who know all specifics and will save your time. They are aware of the uniqueness of every move and also, they have a lot to offer. Give them your trust and just continue with the rest of the organization that is waiting for you.

Maintain friendships after moving long distance

If you want a blooming friendship, you have to put some time and effort into it. This is valid even if you live close to your friends. And if you want to maintain friendships after moving long distance, you will probably ask for some additional effort. In the beginning, it will feel natural to call often and talk about all newness that Is happening. In the time it can change. But it won’t if you don’t let it.

Be accepting of the situation

Denying is one of the defense mechanisms, so familiar to most of us. And it is fine, for some time. Staying in denying won’t get you much. Try to accept the situation as soon as you can. Yes, things are about to change. Your friends will continue to spend much time with someone else. But you will do the same, too. That doesn’t mean that your relationship is over or any less important. It only means that it changes the shape. And you know what, sometimes that could even improve the love and trust you have for each other.

Communication is a key

You won’t be able to go out together, to a cinema or a long walk. But you can still show each other that you have deep feelings. Communication is key and you can adapt it. Sending some more text or photo messages can make up for the physical presence. Distance has a bad habit of breeding misunderstandings. Sometimes you can get a wrong message if you read wrongly the tone of the person’s voice. When that happened, communicate it clearly. Try to smooth it out as soon as possible.

Find something you can do together, apart

You know each other well enough, know what you have in common and what you enjoy together. There is no need to stop with it all. You still can recommend things you think will interest other people. Or you can make an arrangement to read the same book, watch the same movie. Even if you are apart, you can share this experience and have a subject to talk to and connect about. You can even make a game out of it, or challenge a friend to find a similar thing in the area of living based on the topic, taste, or scent. And your friendship can bloom from all those experiences.

Technology today

One of the benefits of living in this time is that we are already so much physically apart, yet connected more than ever before. Social networks help us to stay in touch and up to date with what is happening in each other’s lives. When you post something, your friends will be happy to see and comment. That can even open up another conversation. Or you can make a bucket list together and get to know each other even better.

Plan to spend some time together to maintain friendships after moving long distance

Being apart is just the perfect opportunity for some new adventures. You should arrange in advance the dates you’ll spend together. Talking about the way and the place where you’ll spend it will bring additional excitement and connect you. The important part of friendship is making memories. As long as you have it, more or less regularly, there is no need to be afraid if you are about to maintain friendships after moving long distance.