How to Get More Product Reviews on Walmart

How to Get More Product Reviews on Walmart

How to get more product reviews on Walmart and other marketplaces?

There are several ways that allow Sellers to significantly increase customer reviews about products they sell on e-commerce marketplaces and within the boundlessness of the Internet. The trivial one is to obtain the required amount of product reviews by one’s own efforts, which requires much time. Reviews are one of the most important metrics for businesses selling on marketplaces. While reviews are vital for any online business, they are 10x as important (and 10x harder to get) on marketplaces. Reviews have a direct impact on conversation rate, rankings, sales, and more. Which means your ability to generate reviews will make the difference between your product’s success or failure. As such one question – how to get reviews – is the most important to answer for anyone looking to launch and rank a product.

There are many ways to go about getting reviews, but we are talking about platform Ibotta Cashback service, which has already gained good reputation among Sellers and Shoppers. The policy of this platform prohibits to force customers leaving their comments about the purchased products. As a rule, these are Buyers themselves who express their wish to write testimonials. They are pleased to use coupons or cashback legally. Functional of platform Ibotta Cashback provides Buyers with this amazing opportunity. Sellers in their turn have a chance to generate such offerings. Any Seller who represents good products for sale, excellent promotional discounts, and perfect consumer services has a great deal more chances to get positive reviews. Hence, the above mentioned way to get customer evaluations of your items is more advantageous for Sellers.

  • No need to spend a great deal of time for the tiring work of generating personal opinions about your products.
  • This semiautomatically controlled method incorporates the use of advertising and other marketing tools, as well as different services like platform Ibotta Cashback that is aimed at connecting Sellers and Buyers.
  • Ibotta Cashback website helps Buyers to save much money on shopping through getting amazing discounts and refunds from Sellers.

Remember that brands make cool stuff, but when you want the real scoop on something, you ask your friends or a friendly stranger, through platform Ibotta Cashback. We love connecting Shoppers with each other. It keeps brands accountable, and the ones that listen – really listen – become perfectly in tune with their customers’ needs.)  platform Ibotta Cashback serves as one of the most powerful tools for getting product reviews on Walmart. It makes it possible to improve customer satisfaction due to online consumer generated product reviews that have a strong impact on the level of Sellers’ profitability.

How to increase product sales on Walmart or any other marketplace?

Any Seller should take into consideration the following trusted recommendations that are essential for attracting attention of Buyers and motivating them to purchase more and more advertised items. 

Product Quality

The product you sell should be definitely of top quality. Good products are more appealing to potential Shoppers. It’s true. They affect brand loyalty to a great extent because everyone is interested in making rational purchasing decisions to avoid splashing out. Quality is the degree that shows the advertised piece’s conformation to Buyers’ requirements. The better the item – the more people are willing to have it.

Product Listing

The role of listing (either standalone or parent-child listing) is of real importance because of the multiple benefits of the so-called product page for each good you sell on the marketplace. It contains the required information about the product you offer to Buyers, namely, its appealing title, attractive image, and the accurate description of the item’s major features. The title that arouses customer curiosity is definitely functional. Any revisions in the listing should be brought within a period of 30 days of your product launch. Add bullet points to engage Buyers emotionally. 


Product title should contain up to 500 characters to provide a detailed announcement of your item. Cool title helps to enhance indexing on the marketplace, discoverability, and keyword ranking. 3-5 keywords  should be included in the title. Customers should catch the key idea of your product’s advantages, using this particular information. Due to inclusion of brand name, your product title becomes more popular on the marketplace. Specific data like model, colour, size, intended use can point out to the unique type of your product. 


The main image of your product should be of superior quality as it has to make Buyers click on your product. This pin-sharp picture should be highly motivational to allow the target customer to find positive characteristics and encourage him/her to buy your item on the spot. You can use up to 9 images – enough to attract consumers! Add videos to surprise your Buyers and make them more engaging with your item.


Product description is designed to let Shoppers learn more about the goods they are going to acquire. It contains up to 2000 characters. The first 200 characters should be properly selected to deliver the key message about the benefits of your product as they will be shown on the mobile device. Inclusion of relevant keywords guarantees perfect result in the process of search and can raise buying activity. Product characteristics should be described in the greatest detail possible.


Both the amount and quality of customer testimonials influence your product sales rate. Today more and more consumers prefer to have a look at existing product reviews before making their purchasing decisions. The majority of people who utilize marketplaces regularly are more likely to buy from the sites that offer actual information on product ratings. Sharing feedback gives an opportunity to express personal views on the item’s features, either positive or negative. You can explore your competitors’ reviews in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your listing and make relevant changes.

Optimize for Search

There is a need for ongoing optimization of your product listings on the marketplace to enable your products to be easily found in searches and generate more sales. Creation of completed product listings does not ensure that your goods title, image, and description are perfectly placed on the selected marketplace. Try to succeed in continuous improvements to optimize your product listings for search through the focus on the obtained customer testimonials and product ratings. Change something in your product listing to find how to maximize customer attention and push up sales!


Pricing model on many mainstream marketplaces is focused on keeping price as lower as it can be to draw customers. However, this does not mean that price is unchangeable. You can change your product price any time you want, taking into consideration product ratings that are shaped by consumer reactions and comments. To drive more customers to your store, it’s not absolutely necessary to keep fixed price.

Benefits of using our platform by Sellers

platform Ibotta Cashback can be used as one of the best tools/ways to promote a product on Walmart and other e-commerce marketplaces.

  • Our cool platform can help to properly regulate customer spending on a wide range of marketplaces because it guarantees relevant conditions for running business through product reviews as a valuable instrument of marketing.
  • Sellers should never ignore what their potential customers tell about their products, how they assess their workability, quality, and design. Remember, more reviews – more sales!
  • The service delivered by platform Ibotta Cashback incorporates the audience that is inclined to write product reviews. Additional tools to increase sales can help you to outsell, provided you combine them with our platform service, which allows pushing up sales of your products.

Increased customer traffic on the marketplace through the so-called crowd marketing technique is our key priority! Take better advantage of your product evaluations with platform Ibotta Cashback!