The Real Effectiveness Of Your Configuration Management Tools.

I should say that the vast majority of organizations really hope that by buying configuration management automated tools they achieve a significant improvement in their configuration management effectiveness. These guys really believe that configuration management tools are a sort of miracle that can tackle their problems. Sorry to disappoint you but it’s not true. The truth is that these tools can really help you. But you should realize that they can’t do the whole job instead of you.

You should actively use automated tools in running your business. These tools are really essential for your efficient configuration management. It’s possible to automate many aspects of your management process with these tools. In this case you’ll be able to deliver a real time platform to manage baseline information. Thus you can easily generate reports and metrics that are urgently required for your continuous improvement efforts. Furthermore many tools provide document control as well as other essential functionality.

Configuration management tools can really enhance many of your configuration management activities such as structure and linkages, change management, document control, baseline management, access to relevant information and so on. To my great regret they can’t assure your configuration management processes as well as information being automated are really good. You should realize that if your configuration management processes aren’t what they really should be then this means that any configuration management tool can’t save the day. If your configuration management processes fail to be effective enough then you’ll benefit nothing even from the best configuration management tools in the world. Moreover in some cases it may even make matters much worse. When you purchase some of these tools for your specific business needs you should realize that it’s just the first step in your configuration management process improvement.

we are living in the world of high technologies. These days the more your activity is automated, the better, in particular in respect of Report Distribution. Reporting is a very significant thing. So if you need to automate your reporting activities, you might think of using Business Intelligence solution. Automated reporting will help minimizing repetitive tasks and saving time and money. Look through this SQL Reporting Services site to get more details.

For example your requirements as well as documentation fail to be up to date. But of course it’s not the only one problem of yours. Your baselines are improperly structured and incomplete. So there’s no wonder that very often you miss actual information you could successfully use to create your accurate baselines. Moreover your work-flow closely connected with the change process is also inefficient. You’ve got also problems with your change forms. Your implementation tasks are poorly managed too. You fail to make those decisions your business really needs. Summarizing the value of everything mentioned above we can conclude that automating these processes won’t provide you with a better configuration management. First of all you should be concerned with fixing and enhancing your configuration management processes. Only when having completed this you may buy this software. Many professionals do exactly this way and they achieve positive results. So you should do the same too. I hope you won’t face failures in configuration management.